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What Nutrition Plan Matches Up With Your Personality…


Many of us will try various diets and eating plans throughout our journey to acquire better health and fitness. After all, there are experts spouting off the benefits of every known nutritional program known to man. But have you ever considered matching your nutrition plan with your personality?  This week’s Strong Figure Conditioning Workouts (SFCWs):   Don’t […]

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Beat Stress Down, Reclaim Your Health…

Stress is the number one killer of people worldwide. There is nothing more damaging to your body, your mind, and your emotions, than stress. –Paul Chek Stress can fall into 3 different categories and … [Read More...]

Erik walking in Africa

The Surgeon General Wants You To Start…

In case you haven't heard, the Surgeon General announced this past Wednesday for a national call to action to start walking! Appropriately, we already had this post scheduled. Forward by Steph … [Read More...]