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The Metabolic Solution…


The past few months Stephanie has been in overdrive working on StrongFigure Bootcamp, Blue River Health, and continuing to promote her two books. So in my best effort to help, I have been helping her with sorting emails. Most of which come from the StrongFigure audience and have centered on one topic — weight gain. […]

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I ate quite a few sweets this weekend. Saturday was my daughter’s FIRST birthday. You only turn the big 1 once, and as a mom, you only throw your first baby her first birthday party one time. So of … [Read More...]


Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Proper…

Carb-timing is a thing. And it’s a really smart thing to do. In fact, if you’re concerned about aesthetics, losing fat, building muscle, and maximizing your workouts – then carb timing should really … [Read More...]