3 Ways to Keep Your Hands from Ripping

Serious little chunk of skin gone after about 70 toes to bar reps. I was only 5 away from finishing the workout!
Serious little chunk of skin gone after about 70 toes to bar reps. I was only 5 away from finishing the workout! Oh and this is about three days later!

Ripped hands. They make GREAT instagram pics after a tough workout–especially when you get to brag about the gazillion pullups-toes-to-bar-kettlebell swings that you did. The world gets jealous of your workout ethic–let’s face it–not too many are that dedicated, right? And you now have official bragging rights.

But your hands are freaking TORN. I absolutely HATE ripping a calloused hand. If my hands are ripped open, call me a wimp or whatever you like, but I can’t hang on a bar, pick up a barbell, swing a kettlebell, or even freaking soak in a bathtub because my hand has an open flesh wound! Seriously, there’s no pride here when it comes to ripped hands. And trust me, I’ve had plenty.

I think that’s why I’m obsessed with figuring out how to prevent my calluses from tearing open or my palms from ripping to shreds. I’ve tried your basic pumice stones, and I DO NOT like them. They aren’t abrasive enough. Here’s what I do like:

1. Creams and Oils 

Last year for my birthday, my friend and fellow Strong Figure Ambassador, Reagan, gave me a hand care set which I love. One of the tools is rough enough to scrape the dead skin off my hands and the combo of a hot bath, filing down my hands, and then applying the Vitamin E cream she bought me, really helps. Vitamin E cream is really soothing and is great for repairing skin. Want to know a little trick of mine? I also mix in a little bit of coconut oil. All the ladies know what a wonderful product coconut oil can be–it’s not just great for cooking! Coconut oil actually helps heal bruises, works excellent as a deep conditioner, wonderful as a shave cream and lotion, and let’s not forget my fave….in my coffee every morning! But the two combined can really do wonders for your skin–it really keeps my skin soft, if that’s your main goal. If you haven’t tried either one of these products, definitely give it a go. Especially if you’ve already got the oil in your kitchen!

w.o.d.-welder-handcare-kit-web-h12. Rogue’s Wod Welder Hand Care Kit 

After Strong Figure affiliated with Rogue (which is code for “Buy your Rogue gear through us!), I was browsing through the CrossFit accessories page and stumbled upon this little handcare kit. Only $25?! Sold. The Welder Hand Care Kit is awesome for two reasons: A) the pumice stone is TOUGH and it smooths out calluses FAST! and B) it comes with a salve stick that “helps keep the hands moisturized better than water based lotions while also working as an anti-bacterial and repairing existing rips and tears. The salve’s all natural ingredients include Lanolin, beeswax, aloe butter, shea butter, peppermint and eucalyptus.” I love that stick and I love the pumice stone. I can also whip this kit out anytime I want, smooth over my hands, apply the cream, and be on my way. It’s super quick and easy and works well.

hands73. Inbitz Hand Packs

I’ve totally saved the best for last. The Inbitz hand pack is very comparable to the Welder kit in terms of what it will do for your hands, but there are SEVERAL reasons in which this product is my number one “go to” for hand care.

First of all, the creator of the pack is your every day CrossFitter, just like any one of you reading this right now. Well, he’s “kind of” your every-day guy…he did spend time serving in the Royal Navy. So we’ve got a military tough guy who kept getting fed up watching people rip their hands day in and day out, taking 3-4 days off training while hands were healing, meanwhile letting the competitor advance. Unsatisfied with current products and inspired by supporting small, locally owned businesses, he created the ethically sourced product, Inbitz Hand Packs.

Tim, the owner/developer, says that his product is a reflection of himself and his values: 

I have put a lot of thought behind putting this pack together and it represents a little of me, I hope you do enjoy the product and most of all, it makes your hands workable. The avocado and aloe hand repair cream is handmade, never tested on animals, free from SLS and parabens. The cotton bags are 100% pure unbleached, biodegradable natural cotton fabric giving you an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic based products. The bag is also over-sized in order to allow you to keep other items in it. The German-made callus remover with Soare blades is a quality lasting product that is individually wrapped and inspected for any faults. You can actually see cut marks on the pumice stone ensuring it’s not synthetic rubbish. This is not a mass produced factory product, but a hand maintenance pack put together with love and care for the CrossFit community.hands8

There is no website–as I rant about community–that’s what I use: Facebook and Twitter. All payments are simple through PayPal. I don’t charge extra for delivery, I only charge what I pay and can send photo copies of the receipt. Why should I take a few pence when I can cut down cost for my customer? 

Head over to Tim’s facebook page and give his product a “Like.” He really wants his customers to post tips, etc.,on the Inbitz page, as well as use the community that we are all a part of, to it’s full potential! Tim is open to all views of his product. How can you not be a fan?

By the way, the callus shaver that comes with 10-individually wrapped blades is my FAVORITE part of this whole pack. I can smooth my hands down with the pumice stone, shave off the excess skin, and the avocado lotion not only smells amazing, but it makes my hands feel amazing too! If you can combine Tim’s Inbitz pack with the Welder salve stick, you have the BEST hand care system out there. 

hands14Tim’s Inbitz Hand  Pack runs $23.63 per pack with $17 postage for a single pack making. (He’s in the UK after all.) If your gym is interested in ordering though, he’ll ship 10 packs for $55.52 which is only $5.52 per pack plus the price of 10 packs. 

All you need to do send Payments via PayPal and Tim will hook you up!

What do you guys think about hand care? Do you have any favorite products you’d like to add to the list? Comment below!