About Alyssa


At the lowest point in my life, I was in a toxic relationship, nearly 50 lbs overweight, and laid-off from work. I had completely stopped doing the things that I loved – the things that made me ME – and had truly lost my way.  

When that relationship ended, I made a definitive choice to become more focused and motivated in order to become the best version of me. I started working towards goals that I had only dreamed about.  As I trained, worked, and pushed with a ferocious, but positive, image3mindset, I started to affect women around me.  I quickly learned how much I loved having a positive influence on the strength and health of others, especially women. I loved witnessing them learning their true capabilities.

I TRULY believe that we become our best when we build ourselves up, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well.   I am very passionate about kickboxing, muay thai, weight lifting, and athletic training. It is so incredible to bear witness to other people growing more successful and confident in all areas of life when they begin to chase their amazing physical potential. My motto is “strong body, strong mind, strong heart!” image1image2