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AmyN3Hello, Strong Figure Community! My name is Amy Noack and I am a 30 year old health and fitness enthusiast. By day, I hold a career as a petroleum exploration geologist for a domestic oil company, but I spend the rest of my time living a very active and healthy lifestyle.

As far as I can remember, I have always enjoyed being outside! I spent my early days as a child being involved with soccer, then got involved with the high school golf team, ski club, mountain biking, rollerblading, and spinning both flag and rifle on the football field with the marching band. Once I reached college, I auditioned and made the Western Michigan University colorguard where I continued to spin rifle and flag combined with dance on the football field. My passion for color guard even lead me to coach Battle Creek Central High Schools’ color guard for a marching season.

AmyN1Once I graduated with my B.S. in geology, I stayed on to complete a M.S. and stayed active mainly by learning my ropes around the University’s rec center and taking fitness classes. I continued taking fitness classes after graduation and when I moved down to Texas in 2008. I started to enjoy Les Mill’s classes like Body Combat, Body Flow, and Body Pump where I started to build strength and endurance.

AmyN6I had a bit of a struggle in my personal life, but found myself starting over in Houston, TX in 2012 where I chose to live on the Buffalo Bayou where biking and running trails were readily available at any time I wanted to access them to help set me free from my past struggles. I lost about 15 pounds and ran into a sorority sister who started talking to me about the crossfit gym she was coaching at. In May of 2013 I joined the gym and over two years later, I am attending class every morning at 5:30 am, Olympic Weightlifting 1 to 2 times a week, and try to make Yoga once a week. I lost a total of 30 pounds and was beginning to build strength and definition in my body. I even completed my first crossfit competition in November of 2014 and participated in the Crossfit Open this year. I have my eyes peeled for the next competition to jump into!

My body had made such a transformation that by the Fall of 2014 I was getting questions as to whether or not I was Figure competitor. I had no idea what that was or what it involved, so I looked up natural bodybuilding coaches in Houston and met my current trainer, nutritionist, and world championAmyN2 natural bodybuilder. Since working with him in September of 2014, I placed 1st in Figure Novice at the WNBF Texas State Naturals October 2014, 6th in Figure Tall Open and 2nd in Physique Open in the   Fitness America Weekend World Show for Musclemania and Figure Universe in November 2014, 5th in Physique Open and 3rd in Figure Tall Open at the NFF Texas Shredder Classic in April 2015, 2nd in Figure Open and 4th in Physique Open in the Musclemania Los Angeles show in April 2015, 5th in Figure Tall Open and 1st in Physique Open in Musclemania Lone Star in May of 2015. I keep in lean condition year round so it doesn’t take me long to prepare for my next competition (stay tuned!). I am working towards my dream of obtaining a pro card in both Figure and Physique categories and becoming a positive role model for all natural athletes world wide. I will be an active professional athlete, when I receive my pro card, and promise to lead by example and hope to motivate and inspire all!

AmyNI love to live active! You can always find me doing something active around Houston. I love to run or bike the bayou, attend Yoga and Zumba at Discovery Green Park, and attending local fitness events. I also love to travel around the world and get a true adventurous experience by hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing…you name it and I’ll probably try it!

I put on 15 pounds of lean muscle mass and continue to naturally build my body through clean eating, traditional weight lifting, CrossFit, and various community events (live active!). I am always looking to motivate and inspire others to live active and healthy lifestyles. I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, but I am filled with passion for health and wellness and will be your biggest fan and supporter! I love to see people get active and make healthy food choices and watch their transformations in not only their body, but also their mind and soul. Let’s be part of each other’s journey.

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