About Ian

picture2I am a displaced southerner who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. I spent most of my life in Cary/Raleigh, North Carolina (North Cackalacky). I started playing Ice Hockey when I was about 5 years old, and I played until I went to college. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) in 2014, and after, I promptly moved to Oregon.

Getting into the gym or exerting yourself in any way can be the best remedy for any type of stress. Throughout my time in the gym, I have tried many different types of workouts such as full-body, bodyweight, and weight training. I have been strength training for about 2 years now. Form and injury prevention are the most important aspects of lifting in my opinion, and learning to lift safely and effectively takes time to learn and perfect. My goals for strength training are pushing the maximums for my big lifts, while maintaining my current weight.

Though weight maintenance is important to me, I tend to abide by a “see-food” diet;  I see food and eat it. While exercise is just as important as your diet, you should not make your diet something you will not enjoy. It is important to occasionally splurge here and there. Since Portland is the world’s beer capital, it is a fantastic place to experience great food adventures.

I am excited to become a part of Strong Figure so that I can spread my love of fitness, improving yourself, and the camaraderie of the fitness community.

Instagram: @catfish1783