About Kaitlyn

I am Kaitlyn! I am a quirky, ridiculous, outgoing 25 year old female lifter and foodie from New Jersey who has recently been Kaitlyn2plopped in the heart of Texas.

Unlike some, I was never an athletic or even very coordinated individual. I was a cheerleader as a young girl and played high school volleyball, but I never went the extra mile in my physical life.

For the majority of my young life, I struggled severely with body image issues. I battled disordered eating and body dysmorphia throughout high school and college. Going from that person who never ate, did ridiculous pure baby food diets, and struggled with shaming myself anytime I put anything in my mouth that I actually enjoyed; to the overindulging, binge-drinking, then starving and extreme cardio-ing girl. This went on and on from about middle school age until just two years ago when I discovered the thing that would change my entire life and train of thought. In March of 2013 I discovered CrossFit and made the best purchase of my life in buying a groupon for the first month of beginner classes at Maxability Sports and Crossfit.

After years upon years of trying everything in the book to get “healthy” and battling my way through absurd workouts, ridiiiculous diet after diet, eating disorders, and a neurotic body complex and weight obsession, I finally found what healthy really means.

Today I would consider myself a self-proclaimed health nut, fitness addict, and of course Crossfitter. I started my journey being mentored by ex-competitive bodybuilder and certified holistic nutritionist, Elena Rotolo, as well as being pushed and coached by the most overwhelmingly amazing and motivating group of people I have ever met at my CrossFit box. Both of these experiences opened my eyes to a whole new world, taught me an incredible amount about fitness, health, and myself, and has allowed me to reach a potential I never knew I had! Since I was not always the healthy fit focused person I am today, it took a lot of self-motivation and exploration to get to this point. BUT that is exactly why I am so determined to help push other people to find that same fire inside and pull the person they only dream of being out into existence.Kaitlyn

I am the goofy, and hoping to be inspiring, mind behind Fitness For Real People (fitnessforrealpeople.net) After more than two years of pushing myself and completely transforming my entire life, I want to use my own fitness journey along with the lessons I learn and knowledge I am always hungrily acquiring to inspire and educate others to get the results they have been only fantasizing about. I am so excited to be a part of the Strong Figure team and to be given the chance to interact with such amazing people on our shared journey to become the fittest and healthiest versions of us!

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