About Kelsey D.

Kelsey DI live in Washington state and love to hike and be outdoors when I can. My rottweiler, Odin and cat Ollivander are absolutely my “fur babies.” My everything, my motivation and driving force is my husband. I feel he dedicates every day to the Army to protect what we as Americans value most and I want to be as strong both mentally and physically and be the best supportive wife I can because he is always there for me encouraging me onward in my fitness goals.

KelseyD2I’ve been active in the gym for nearly a year and a half. At first I wasn’t happy with myself; I didn’t feel healthy or sexy. My husband encouraged me to start lifting; he taught me a lot and once I got the hang of it I started improvising and making my own workouts. Once I got comfortable in the gym I realized I needed to push harder and not be happy with comfortable. I started looking for help and hired a trainer. I loved every day of my training and it helped me realize I want to be not just physically fit, but mentally as well and not set limitations on what I could achieve. I’d love to hit the WBFF stage next year and turn my joy of lifting into a career.

I hope to represent Strong Figure proudly!Kelsey D3

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