About Lauren

Coon L3Hi, I’m Lauren – a 33 year old legal assistant, marathoner, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler who lives in upstate New York.  I am passionate about running, nutrition, healthy living, traveling the world, and nature. 

Running is the biggest part of my life.  Running was just a daily routine at the gym until I began wondering why I wasn’t doing something more with it.  That day I adjusted my training and within 4 months finished my first half marathon (then the second, third, fourth…).  During this time my Mother became very ill while waiting for an organ transplant and was solely dependent on my Father and me to pick her up and move her to accomplish the most basic daily functions.  I vowed that while my Mother was unable to move, I would make sure that I constantly kept moving – 6  months later I ran my first marathon.  2 weeks after my first marathon my Mother passed away.  I haven’t stopped moving since.  Not using your body to its fullest capacity is a waste. Your body can do amazing things if you train and nurture it.

Coon, LCurrently I am training for the NYC marathon along with keeping a consistent cross training regime and clean eating habits.  Running helps to keep me in a healthy lifestyle and to set goals for myself.  Running is the one thing in life that gives back exactly the amount you put into it.  Training yourself to follow through with your ambitions regardless of hurdles is preparation not only for athletic success but success in life.  Putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation only makes you stronger because, let’s face it…..life isn’t always easy!