About Missy

12472472_769408773193552_8974463102082384752_n I grew up playing team sports. I loved training hard and competing, and I still do.

I cheered in college at the University of Miami. However, after 2 years, I stopped and concentrated on getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

I graduated in 2005, returned home to New York, and began practicing as a RN. The transition was rough. I was partying, eating fast food, smoking, drinking, and living a sedentary life. I was 25 pounds heavier, pre-diabetic, and depressed. I knew that this was not the person I wanted to be.12507400_729117363889360_2847852476636592341_n

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer. My poor lifestyle habits had caught up with me. I had to make changes. Over the next few years, I cleaned up my act. I missed the excitement and camaraderie of sports, and I was ready to challenge myself physically again. In 2012 I signed up for my first month of CrossFit. Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid, and I was hooked. My weight came down, my labs were normal once again, and the cancer was gone. Training five to six days a week eventually led to competing locally. I felt alive. I felt like an athlete again!

M10298994_460021844132248_4387497400602350471_ny love for all things fitness was reborn.  I was inspired to pursue certifications in CrossFit (Level 1 Coach), Yoga (200 Hour Instructor Certified), and Reiki (3rd Degree Master).  I currently work as a School Nurse in NYC, where I utilize my yoga training by offering yoga in the classroom and weekly guided meditations. My young students really enjoy it. I hold weight loss contests, and I send out monthly health newsletters for the staff. I also coach part-time at Unbeaten CrossFit in Staten Island, where I also train. I love being a coach and helping my athletes to achieve their goals.


I also blog as a way to connect and stay authentic. On www.wodwitch.com, I post health news, workouts, and things going on in my life, including how I continued to CrossFit throughout my pregnancy. Just like the people behind Strong Figure, I am passionate about helping others achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am super excited to be part of the Strong Figure team!