About Rachael

RachAfter my first born turned 1 and I still weighed roughly what I did when I gave birth to her I thought, hmm maybe I should change this. But it wasn’t until I was watching an Alabama football game that I KNEW something had to change. I was watching the stats as they rolled past the screen. I weighed more than most of the football players on Alabama’s team. I was smacked in the face hard with the reality that I needed to change my lifestyle, fast!

That’s when I started to change my eating habits and exercising. I lost 30 pounds in roughly 5 months. Then, my husband and I decided to have another baby. So, all of that went on the back burner. I got pregnant right off and stopped exercising. I still ate fairly healthy but stopped working out.Rach2

I lost most of my baby weight within the first few months but after 2 c-sections it was and is still hard to lose the mommy belly or as I like to call it, my c-section flap. I started my new healthy fitness journey September 2014 and have been going strong since.I have gone from 211 to 170 but have gained so much confidence and self love. I still have a ways to go but I will get there.

I have fallen in love with running and although I am not the best, I enjoy it. I get time outside and spend time with my kids. They are learning about a healthy lifestyle at young ages and even want to exercise with me.

Follow my journey!