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Tori5My name is Tori Ruckman.  I graduated from Bridgewater College, Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Interior Design in 2009.  Sad to say, nothing to do with fitness–but I have been active in sports my whole life!  Volleyball and basketball were the two loves I carried into college. During my sophomore year, I tore my ACL in basketball, had intense therapy for 6 months and was back at it for volleyball my junior year.  After volleyball season I decided to stop collegiate sports.  I continued my active lifestyle with intramural and lifting Tori6throughout the rest of college.  Cardio training has never been my “thing,” so I always did as little as possible!  In June of 2011 my family decided to sign up for a 5K.  This started a running spree for me and it helped me find that love for cardio.  Within a year I ran three 5K’s, a 10K, a Tough Mudder, a half marathon and a 3.5 mile mud run.  For me, that was enough running, but my fit family still inspTori7ire me everyday to keep working hard.  Both of my parents are avid gym-goers and my brother practically lives at the gym.  Currently I have stopped the races because I found CrossFit in June 2012, and I have never been happier with myself or my body.  I am now Level 1 CrossFit Certified and hope to share the love of CrossFit with others by coaching.  My favorite lift is the snatch.  I love throwing heavy weight around!  My current favorite body weight exercise would be the hand stand push up.  What could be better than push pressing yourself upside down?  Fitness is now my life.  Lift Heavy!

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