About Wren

FB_IMG_1461011742590I am a retired nurse with a diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. I am also an ultra trail runner and I lift weights; really, I’m just another fitness fanatic. I am most passionate about running, my longest race so far being a 50k.

I had gotten out of running for a few years due to a very hectic and busy schedule. In January 2012, my five year-old granddaughter grew very ill and placed in a pediatric ICU. She was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. As a nurse, I knew the lifelong struggle ahead of her. It was very scary and devastating to know that her life now depended on blood sugar levels and insulin.

FB_IMG_1461011688585I began running again as a coping mechanism. I pushed hard. Every time I thought that I couldn’t take another step, I thought about Ariana and how she had no choice in what she was dealt. Now, anytime I run a race, lift heavier weights, or suddenly face the unexpected, it is Ariana and her strength that keeps me going.

I enjoy sharing my passion for total health, mind, body and soul with others. I am an ambassador for My Soxy Feet, Hammer Nutrition, and now for this amazing group!

Twitter: @nannieruns

Instagram: fitnannie