About Amber


I am a personal trainer, online health & fitness coach, and a mother to 2 awesome boys!  I live at the beach, which most people would love, but I  would rather be out in the country somewhere. I also run the blog Bold Fit Mom.  Oh, and did I mention that I’ve finally decided to return to college? I LOVE being a personal trainer, but I think, after I have been in the fitness industry for several years, that I would love becoming a Physical Therapist or doing something along those lines.  So, this mommy is going back to school! Amber1

I love living a healthy lifestyle, and helping others do the same.  I also enjoy running, hiking, swimming, and visiting the Mountains.  Being indoors too long drives me insane, so if you’re looking for me, then you’ll most likely find me in the outdoors getting into something!


Amber2If you want to get to know more about me, then you can find me on my blog and social media sites.


Twitter- @boldfitmom
Instagram- @boldfitmom