Are YOU a StrongFigure?

One of my favorite things about Strongfigure is its community. In a world where childhood obesity is rising and baby boomers are expected to live fewer years than their parents, it’s no wonder that so many people in the world are rising up against disease, poor health, and laziness in order to promote a fit lifestyle, lifting weights, and eating good food.

Grow your confidence with our network and built in support system.
Grow your confidence with our network and built in support system.

It’s what we do. 

That’s what our community does. We fight against food and obesity-related disease and we promote what it means–and why it’s important–to be STRONG. We live a better life and we do “rad shit” because we’re fit enough to live life on our terms–doing what we want with our health because no one holds us back. We inspire others, encourage those around to make better choices, and motivate as many people as we can reach.

If you’re reading this right now, it’s likely you are already a Strong Figure.

Strongfigure Ambassadors are those who are natural born leaders who are working or studying in the health and fitness industry. Many are just like me–running their own websites and blogs–building their brand and promoting their passions. Some are athletes doing what they love the most–being strong, fast, working hard, and promoting all that it means to be a strong figure–both with body and heart.

Sound like you?

Get more excuses to take #flexfriday selfies.
Get more excuses to take #flexfriday selfies.

We are looking to add a select group of hard working, health-promoting athletes to our group of ambassadors. We are not only looking to grow our community, but we want to bring together a larger group of individuals working for the same cause: promote health. Inspire strength. Change someone’s life.

What will you do?

Simply, what you’re already doing. You probably already represent the ideal of the Strong Figure. You eat well and train right. You lift hard and eat harder. You run, sweat, throw, cry, swing, carry, pull, and you wear the name well. You’re building your name, followers respect you and come to you for guidance. You ARE Strong Figure.

Added to all that you already do, we simply ask that you help promote our mission. Tag us, like us, share us. Become a bigger part of our health and fitness community. That’s it. Help us make a bigger change in the world. #strongfigure @strongfigure

Erik's sister Shari (right, front and center) and three of her bridesmaids. Strong Figure beauties...and all Physical Therapy Assistants. Smart, classy, and strong.
We also provide our ambassadors with affiliate promotion and sales opportunities on many Strong Figure products and provide our ambassadors with other various discounts and promotions available ONLY FOR YOU.

What do you get?

Do you have a blog or website? What are the goals you’re trying to reach? We’ll share your posts and photos, and promote YOU. Is your passion kettlebells? Mud running? Become a leader in your fitness or nutrition specialty and take charge of what matters most to your health. Be a team leader, a decision maker, and a powerful influence to a world of those who need you.


We have a STRONG Team.

More than ambassadors, we also have a team. #TeamStrongFigure is an elite group of athletes who started as ambassadors and have shown excellence in their sport and loyalty to Strongfigure. They have been chosen to represent StrongFigure in the athletic community: representing the heart of our beginnings–the importance of strength. Our small team is currently made up of Powerlifters, Gymnasts, CrossFitters, and Strongmen/women competitors. The StrongFigure Team members are highly competitive, elite, and are winners. They inspire and motivate while staying positive, dedicated, and humble in victory. They are quick to help others and they are highly respected in their field. Strongfigure works to support this team in all their efforts while pursuing success.

To be a part of #TeamStrongFigure, you must apply for ambassadorship. If chosen as ambassador, a select group *may* ask you to join the team at a later date (TBD).

Meet Our Team:

Shelly Cannon, Powerlifter, Floridashelly Professional Powerlifter, 123 lbs
Sponsored by GetNew Age, Overkill, BioForce HRV, Complete Nutrition Port Orange
IG: @shellycannon

Kristen Graham, Crossfitter, New Jerseykristen rope CrossFit Regional Athlete, Owner and Coach at CrossFit Toms River
Captain of the New Haven Counter Miners
Born Primitive Athlete
IG: @kgrahamsfb

April Harper, Powerlifter/Olympic Lifter, Floridaapril 148 lbs, Top 3 Ranked Powerlifter, 2015, Orlando FL
RUM 8 1st Place 148 lbs, 1003 Total
1st 148 RPS Redemption 1015 Total
Strongfigure Athlete

Maria Hayden, Gymnast and CrossFitter, Virginiamaria 4’11” 115 lbs, 23 years old
Former level 10 gymnast
2010 Level 9 State, Regional and Eastern National Champion
2014 NAIGC Gymnastics National Champion – All Around, beam and floor
2015 NAIGC Gymnastics National Champion – All Around
5th Place at Wodapalooza – Intermediate division
CrossFit Harrisonburg Athlete
Strongfigure Athlete
IG: L_o_lephant

Ryan Mullins, CrossFitter and Powerlifter, Virginiaryan USMC Combat Veteran
CrossFit Harrisonburg Athlete
Strongfigure Athlete
2015 Wodapalooza RX Competitor
IG: ryanwesley112

Tori Ruckman, CrossFitter, VirginiaIMG_9470 CrossFit Harrisonburg Athlete and Coach
Strongfigure Athlete
Wodapalooza Elite Team 2015
1st Place MF RX SuperFit East Coast Championship 2015
2015 NPGL Combine Invite
IG: @t_ruckman

Tracy Stankavage, Strongwoman Competitor, New Yorktracy stankavage World Strongwoman Athlete
Frog Fuel Sponsored Athlete
Co-Chair NY State Strongman Corp.
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Strongfigure Athlete
IG: trapcitytracy

Are you IN? 

If you want to inspire and motivate others, if you believe in our manifesto, and if you know you have what it takes to promote strength, courage, a healthy lifestyle, you can apply to be an ambassador at  Ambassador applications are open RIGHT NOW through March 31 2016. 

Hurry! You only have a few days left! Please feel free to share with anyone you believe fits the Strongfigure description!

This week’s Strongfigure Conditioning Workouts: 

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    Hey Stephanie,

    Great Post! Long time reader of your site and i especially loved your 12 Week Training Program.

    Do let me know when your Ambassador applications opens next time.