The Reason Many of You are Getting Bigger and Not Smaller

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Part II of Women, You'll Get Bigger Before You Get Smaller  One of our most popular posts, Women, You'll Get Bigger Before You Get Smaller, gets quite a lot of feedback. The post currently has over 200 comments and we get emails almost daily about the article. In that … [Read more...]

How Old Does Your Favorite Fitness Personality Look?

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I spent a good two hours Friday night on the couch this past weekend, while Erik was watching some sort of sporting event on TV, doing this: I'm guessing you've either seen others posting their own "How Old" photos across social media or you've tried it yourself. … [Read more...]

Why CrossFit Isn’t Scary


Are you one of those people who ask me (or other CrossFitters) a hundred questions about CrossFit because you seem to be fascinated by it but you're too terrified to try it? I know I've written about it before but I just got into yet another conversation around a week ago … [Read more...]

SF Weekly News, Workouts, Shout-Outs

We did more than sit around, I promise. There was, however, much to learn, study, and discuss when not throwing barbells around.

Athlete Spotlight: Congrats to Strong Figure Ambassador / Team Member, Tori Ruckman who was part of the 2nd place finishing team in the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (MAAC) this weekend! Way to go Tori! Want to be the FIRST to get info and give feedback on our Total … [Read more...]

Lose Fat and an eBook Update

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People keep asking about the Total Health and Fitness Makeover eBook. The truth is it is about 95% finished. We have pretty much completed the content portion at least. So why haven't we released it yet? We wrote the Total Health and Fitness Makeover to help people transform … [Read more...]