Are You a Female Strength Athlete? Are You Judged and Disrespected for It?


Professional strongwoman, Tracy Stankavage, and strongman Coach, Quint Zambon, discuss the issues facing women in the world of strongman and strength training. This has been an article I have wanted to post for a myriad of reasons. But mostly to bring to light the difficulty … [Read more...]

Improve Your Lifts by 365%


It’s not easy to be a strongwoman. But the best thing I’ve taken out of competing in strongwoman is that it is extremely rewarding. Starting strongwoman gave me specific goals to work towards. A competition gives you specific goals to work towards, which helps you focus your … [Read more...]

Intro to Strong(wo)man!

600x400Tracy Strong Woman Strong Figure

What is Strongman/woman? Strongman/woman training consists of both strength and conditioning in various events. A strongwoman competition consists of 5-7 events over 1-2 days.  There are general rules on events that you will have a carry event, a deadlift event, an overhead … [Read more...]