About Becki

Becki1I am a 33 year old mom of three. I have twin girls, and a little boy. My fitness journey really started after I had my kids. Before kids, I was a thin, runner who didn’t have to think about keeping in shape. All of that ended after my pregnancy with the twins. Running wasn’t getting my body where I wanted it to be, and then I got pregnant again! After having my son, I was determined to take control of my health. I started out by turning back to what I knew, which was distance running. Since having my son in 2009, I have run five half-marathons, two 25K trail runs, three 15K’s, and countless 5K’s. I also started lifting, and with heavier weights. When I realized I had fallen in love with weight training, I decreased my running over the past year, and am now focused on lifting. Becki2


I am currently focused on building muscle, and training for a figure competition. I also love to practice yoga, because I believe it is important to have a mindful connection to our bodies. I think that the way we move in yoga can support the movements of a runner’s body, or a lifter’s body. I think it is a wonderful addition to any fitness program. I am passionate about helping other women appreciate and love their bodies, no matter what they have been through. Our bodies tell our stories, and we need to embrace what our bodies have done for us. I believe that taking control of our health, through eating clean and exercising, can empower us to fall in love with our bodies, and appreciate all they do for us. Becki

I am currently working towards my personal trainer and group fitness certificate, because I want to share my love of fitness with others by helping them realize the potential that is in them. I created a Facebook page and a blog to have a place to share my journey and my passion for fitness. I wanted a space where I could connect with other people who felt the same and have an encouraging community. I would like to encourage people who are on their own fitness journey by cheering them on, picking them up when they are struggling, and celebrating with them when they hit their goals.


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSweatLifeHealthFitness

Instagram page: http://instagram.com/beckiallen1130