4 Hearty and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

alexandra crepes

Tired of your typical early morning meal? These recipes are so fantastic you'll be making them for lunch and dinner too! Enjoy! Guest post by our soon-to-be newest contributor, Alexandra! "I am SUCH a breakfast lover! I enjoy cooking it so much I plan what I'm going to have … [Read more...]

Eat Ice Cream, Burn Fat

by ralph and jenny

How Carb Back-Loading Works for Birthdays! I love birthdays. Seriously, what is better than an entire day devoted to YOU to do whatever you want? Or in my case, eat whatever I want? My birthday weekend reminded me of how much I love D.H. Kiefer's Carb Back-Loading plan. And … [Read more...]

Hot Chicks who Eat Carbs 2.0

shelly cannon 7

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about hot chicks who eat carbs. The post was a HIT and we've been getting a lot of great responses from women who love their carbs but want to be lean too! Eating fun foods and rocking a hot bod is totally doable...when you know how to do … [Read more...]

Hot Chicks Who Eat Carbs


When Carb Back-Loading Works for Women When it comes to fitness and nutrition, we're all different. Depending on our style of training, whether we're male or female, our overall health goals, and even competition status, we all train and eat differently. For me, I know that … [Read more...]

4 Fall-Flavored, Protein-Packed, and Healthy Recipes

alexandra's apple nachos

My friend, Alexandra, is one of the most beautiful women I have the pleasure of knowing. Is it because she's incredibly fit? Or maybe it's because she has the sweetest personality I've EVER come across? Either way, I adore this girl and I am sad I don't get to see her--or teach … [Read more...]