3 Basic Rules of Food Prep

These zucchini pizzas not only made an awesome and quick dinner, but were great leftover snacks. One zucchini, some ground beef, cheese, and pizza sauce were all I used. Broil the zucchini about 5 or so minutes on each side with some olive oil while you cook the beef. Then throw all the toppings on the zucchini and bake again until the cheese melts.

1. Start Small So you want to start food prepping but you're not so sure where to begin? The thought of trying to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week, plus snacks, leave you feeling stressed out and anxious? I get it. The first time I ever food prepped, I … [Read more...]

Doughnuts and Deadlifts Athlete, Kristen Pope, Talks Training, Food, Overcoming Injury, and More

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Team Strong Figure Ambassador and Doughnuts and Deadlifts Sponsored Athlete, April Harper, contacted fellow Doughnuts and Deadlifts Athlete Kristin Pope for a Strong Figure Athlete Interview. How does it feel to be an inspiring and motivating athlete for fellow lifters, strong … [Read more...]

What to Eat & What to Avoid: Carbs, Fats, & MICRO-nutrients

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MACRO-nutrients: Everyone needs three macronutrients in order to survive: Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates. We’ve already taught you how to figure out your appropriate daily caloric intake. We’ve even taught you about protein, and how much you should be eating every day. … [Read more...]

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

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Protein : Protein breaks down into amino acids, the building blocks of your entire body. Protein is the most essential macronutrient for those who lead an active lifestyle because of the crucial role it plays in muscular growth (hypertrophy) and muscular repair. It’s essential … [Read more...]