Four Steps to a Simple Food Prep


Guest post by Dana Hamada Having a balanced diet that supports your fitness and lifestyle goals can be a challenge for those who are single, have limited funds, or are “not adventurous” when it comes to foods.  Being in a relationship and/or having kids can also present … [Read more...]

I Don’t Have Time To Workout

no time to workout

We are a busy, busy world. And in a society where our daily planners are filled from 6am to 9pm, it's hard to squeeze in as much gym time as we wish we could each day. Do you get stressed out on days you can't even get to the gym at all? What about the days you wish you had … [Read more...]

No Grill “Grilled” Chicken

no girll chicken

I love coming up with new ways to spend even less time in the kitchen while maximizing deliciousness, which is why I'm such a promoter of Meal Prepping.  So no matter what your lifestyle, you can enjoy home cooked food without wasting your day away in the kitchen or being forced … [Read more...]

Revealed: Panera Bread’s Hidden PALEO Menu

med turkey panera

Get 6 Secret Menu Items NOW!  I got the heads up last week from my friend, Priscilla, that Panera was hiding a Paleo menu from its customers. Are you kidding me? And I was just there two weeks ago picking through fried onions on my spinach salad! After getting really angry … [Read more...]

Things That I Love

by Matthew Brink

I love to bring you guys lots of useful, informative tips, recipes, and ideas, but I feel like I haven't written anything recently about what's going on personally with me. It really strikes me as odd that I could be found interesting at all, but according to some of my … [Read more...]