Holiday Calorie Burn-off Part II


On Wednesday I published some quick tips on how to recover from an all day food frenzy. One of those tips was to get up and MOVE. As promised, here are three total body workout circuits that you can do in your home or at your gym. Each circuit is patterned the same … [Read more...]

Holiday Fat Trimmer


Are you a little worried about gaining a few pounds this holiday season--especially when gyms are changing their hours and shutting down early--or closing completely? No worries--I've got ya covered. I have three different versions of an in-home workout designed for any fitness … [Read more...]

10 Minute Interval Workout

Proper squat form

After making a pot of coffee, feeding the dogs, and packing my lunch this morning, I had just enough time for a quick 10-minute HIIT workout before hopping in the shower. I ended up liking this workout so much that I knew I'd have to share ASAP! I got the idea off of my bodyrock … [Read more...]

HIIT: Fat Loss Workout

2012-10-20 11.37.31

HIIT Workouts (high intensity interval training) are one of the main keys to fat loss and preserving muscle while trying to lean out. HIIT is meant to be tough and the workouts are designed to leave you feeling exhausted, tanked, run over, you name it. If you push yourself … [Read more...]