Stop Screwing Up: Eat a Better Breakfast

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Last week, I wrote about food prep and how to start your basic, beginner food prepping. I left out prepping breakfasts because I felt as if breafast deserved its own post. As we all know, breafast is the most important meal of the day, right? Or is it?  If you've been reading … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Common Health and Fitness Mistakes


Why Strong Figure Exists and My Total Health and Fitness Makeover:  Because I used to look like that girl on the left side of that photo there. I knew NOTHING about food when growing up. The only thing I could possibly tell you about nutrition was that vegetables were good … [Read more...]

Food Prep for Macro Counters


In my 12+ year quest for the ultimate nutrition plan, I realized... there is no set "ultimate" nutrition plan that works for everyone. Some people really enjoy ketogenic diets, some love Paleo nutrition, some advocate for the Zone block program, and some--like me--really … [Read more...]

An Insomniac’s Solution to Better Sleep

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Last week I wrote a post about how to prevent Alzheimer's disease (AD) and I addressed four simple ways we can all reduce our chances of developing AD. The final prevention strategy I identified was getting adequate sleep. Sleep is Important When we sleep, our brains flush … [Read more...]

How Can Health and Fitness Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?


If you are a regular reader of Strong Figure, then you know we are ardent supporters in the fight against cancer. Both Steph and I have lost love ones to this disease and we believe the risks of cancer can be minimized by making smart health choices -- this is one of the primary … [Read more...]