Thank You DC Brawlers


My clothes were soaking wet, my teeth would not stop chattering, my fingers were shriveled and white, and I was the happiest 8-year-old boy in the world. My aunt put me in front of a small space heater in my Grandparent's house and I slowly warmed my frozen body. After a change … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 10/4/14: #Brawlout

The name of that chick who is crazy strong -- Taylar Stallings

Before today's workout, let me take a moment to....write some stuff about the DC Brawlers. If you missed any of the awesomeness this week, here you go: Brawlers Crowned First Grid Champions In the league's very first season, our home team, the DC Brawlers, fought their … [Read more...]

A DC Fan’s Perspective on GRID

We LOVE our Brawlers

Guest post by Lisa Kohrt Let me start by saying thank you to Strong Figure for asking me to write this guest blog. When Stephanie first asked me to write for Strong Figure I thought, this will be so cool; I’ve never written a blog before. It was quickly apparent to me when I … [Read more...]

The Fastest in Grid Meet the Fastest in NASCAR

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.27.38 PM

DC Brawlers visit Hendrick Motorsports in Concord, NC WASHINGTON, DC (September 18, 2014) – As one of the fastest teams in the National Pro Grid League, the DC Brawlers are excited to be in Charlotte, N.C. – the home of NASCAR – to prepare for their Quarterfinal match vs. the LA … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 9/13/14, What You’ve Missed, What’s Coming


Make sure you haven't missed out on my "TIPS" posts this week--they've been really popular! Workout and Nutrition Tips How to Kick Sugar's Ass And if you don't already have plans for Sunday, I've got you covered! Four hours and the two most intense match-ups in the world … [Read more...]