How to Become the BEST Version of Yourself


Guest post by Dana Hamada Balancing Fitness and Adulthood: Not an Easy Task.  Recently, we (the Strongfigure Insider's Group) discussed on Facebook, "If you could travel back in time and give yourself training advice, what would that advice be?" To paraphrase, my advice would … [Read more...]

Trick Your Body into Craving Better Foods

trick your body image

When my dad died in 2010 from liver cancer--a cancer that started in his digestive tract but was found too late--I declared my 2011 New Year’s Resolution to be that I would give up sugar for one whole year. Do it for my dad. Be a role model and inspiration. Why sugar? Because … [Read more...]

3 Basic Rules of Food Prep

These zucchini pizzas not only made an awesome and quick dinner, but were great leftover snacks. One zucchini, some ground beef, cheese, and pizza sauce were all I used. Broil the zucchini about 5 or so minutes on each side with some olive oil while you cook the beef. Then throw all the toppings on the zucchini and bake again until the cheese melts.

1. Start Small So you want to start food prepping but you're not so sure where to begin? The thought of trying to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week, plus snacks, leave you feeling stressed out and anxious? I get it. The first time I ever food prepped, I … [Read more...]

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

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Protein : Protein breaks down into amino acids, the building blocks of your entire body. Protein is the most essential macronutrient for those who lead an active lifestyle because of the crucial role it plays in muscular growth (hypertrophy) and muscular repair. It’s essential … [Read more...]

Are You Under-eating? Overeating? How Many Calories Do You Really Need?


Figuring out how many calories one needs to eat each day really isn’t as hard as it should be. Honestly, we’ve made it harder on ourselves by screwing up our diets and our training. Once you screw up your metabolism from dieting, or perhaps you slow it down from too much sitting, … [Read more...]