Skirts, Dirt, and OBC Race Training

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Everything you need to know about your first obstacle course race is HERE.  I recently read Margaret Schlachter's book, "Obstacle Race Training." Margaret is a professional in the sport of obstacle races and has been writing about the sport since 2010. "My aim is to help ease … [Read more...]

Performance Shoes 2.0: TJ’s Take


Guest post by Athlete Ambassador, TJ Braithwaite Shoes. They get us from Point A to Point B. Does it really matter what kind we get?? I used to get shoes based off of one thing: Did they look cool? As I became more involved in the running community and taking all that kind of … [Read more...]

The Perfect Shoe for Performance


I get asked a lot, and I've seen recently in many different social media forums, questions about proper footwear. What shoe is best for....what overall shoe will work for...what brand...what style...which sole..... And my honest opinion is this: Go to a specialty shoe store in … [Read more...]