Get to know Powerlifting!


Guest post by Annie Brees One of our Strong Figure Ambassadors, Annie Brees, is one of our many powerlifters we have on hand here at SF. Here, Annie gives us a run-down on some of the most common questions that arise about powerlifting, meets, terminology; and she even gives us … [Read more...]

The Perfect Shoe for Performance


I get asked a lot, and I've seen recently in many different social media forums, questions about proper footwear. What shoe is best for....what overall shoe will work for...what brand...what style...which sole..... And my honest opinion is this: Go to a specialty shoe store in … [Read more...]

14 Year Old Girl Bench Presses 290lbs.


If you have ever been to or read about the Arnold Sports Festival then you know there is a LOT going on and a LOT to talk about.  And this year's ASF 2014 was no different.  Over 200,000 people attended and it was a venue people will be talking about for a long time. We saw … [Read more...]

To 1 RM or Heavy Single? That is the Question


1 RM VS. HEAVY SINGLE Guest post by Strong Figure Athlete Ambassador, Ally Arts First posted on Ally's blog: I had an athlete ask the other day what the difference between a 1RM (One Rep Max) and a heavy single is, since I am often going … [Read more...]