My 2014 Goals that May Surprise You

dad and k

My friend Tasha sent me a personal Facebook message last night highlighting her goals for 2014. Let me tell you something about messages from Tasha: When I get a message from Tasha, I KNOW I am going to laugh hysterically about something at some point. She is flippin' … [Read more...]

STOP Feeling Sore!


Learn how to recover properly, heal your body, and continue training hard. Take it from me, if there's anything I know, it's about workout recovery. I know so much because for years...I didn't do it. Any of it. No cool downs, warm ups, prep work, rolling, icing, nada. I've seen … [Read more...]

Hot Chicks who Eat Carbs 2.0

shelly cannon 7

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about hot chicks who eat carbs. The post was a HIT and we've been getting a lot of great responses from women who love their carbs but want to be lean too! Eating fun foods and rocking a hot bod is totally doable...when you know how to do … [Read more...]