Foot Pain Solved: The New Cardio Ultra from Reebok

Reebok Cardio Ultra Run

Her One and Only Shoe. Lucky, thrilled, excited, and eager are all really good adjectives you could use to describe how I felt when I found out that I had been chosen to receive and review a pair of not-yet-released to the public, Cardio Ultra shoes! When my shoes arrived, I … [Read more...]

NutriForce Sports Product Review & Tomorrow’s Workout

NutriForce Hydration

Guest post by John Quodomine Balanced Hydration I received Nutriforce's Balanced Hydration as part of a prize package for coming in second in the Superfit DC CrossFit competition recently. Normally I wouldn't buy a hydration supplement as I tend to drink enough water throughout … [Read more...]

Try out and Win a FREE Case of Manitoba Hemp Protein Powder!

hemp pro 70

If you've ever followed anything of mine, you know I'm a protein fanatic. I believe that protein is the most important macro-nutrient we can put into our bodies and I'm never against trying new kinds! Just from previous posts I've written, you know I've tried probably thirty … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Keep Your Hands from Ripping


Ripped hands. They make GREAT instagram pics after a tough workout--especially when you get to brag about the gazillion pullups-toes-to-bar-kettlebell swings that you did. The world gets jealous of your workout ethic--let's face it--not too many are that dedicated, right? And you … [Read more...]

What Kind of Protein Should I Buy PART TWO

Screenshot 2014-06-27 16.02.44

Amber shares some more information for those of you shopping for the perfect protein.  If you missed our first installment of What Kind of Protein Should I Buy, you can find it here. Last Summer, I dubbed myself the Protein Princess and it is a title I still proudly wear today. … [Read more...]