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If you've ever followed anything of mine, you know I'm a protein fanatic. I believe that protein is the most important macro-nutrient we can put into our bodies and I'm never against trying new kinds! Just from previous posts I've written, you know I've tried probably thirty … [Read more...]

A Crap Load of Workout/Nutrition Tips + SFCW Tue. 9/9/14

Does this look fun? You should sign up for a Spartan.

Between Facebook, Twitter, blogging, teaching, coaching, and just being at the gym lifting, I get asked a LOT of questions. This is my attempt to multi-task and answer SEVERAL while bringing you your conditioning workout for tomorrow as well. A warning--some of my tips … [Read more...]

What Kind of Protein Should I Buy PART TWO

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Amber shares some more information for those of you shopping for the perfect protein.  If you missed our first installment of What Kind of Protein Should I Buy, you can find it here. Last Summer, I dubbed myself the Protein Princess and it is a title I still proudly wear today. … [Read more...]

What Kind of Protein Should I Buy?


Is one of the most popular questions I get asked daily. I'm going to make this post short and sweet: if you're reading it, you already know the importance of consuming enough protein daily. And if you're concerned about the best type of whey protein, then you're definitely … [Read more...]