The Most Important Medical Advancement Since Penicillin

Drip Drop Hydration

What You Need to Know about Proper Hydration  There aren't a lot of things that I'd say I'm necessarily great at. Getting muscle cramps--especially in my calves and quads--might be what I'm best at some days. For me, it seems that every time I compete--whether it's an obstacle … [Read more...]

BEST Protein Bars from the Arnold Sports Festival


Erik and I attended the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival for a few reasons. One, because "anyone who is ANYONE in fitness would be there,"  said Erik. True. It didn't matter what sport: power lifting, strongman, crossfit, gymnastics, bodybuilding, pole dancing--the best athletes in … [Read more...]

Improve Your Lifts by 365%


It’s not easy to be a strongwoman. But the best thing I’ve taken out of competing in strongwoman is that it is extremely rewarding. Starting strongwoman gave me specific goals to work towards. A competition gives you specific goals to work towards, which helps you focus your … [Read more...]

STOP Feeling Sore!


Learn how to recover properly, heal your body, and continue training hard. Take it from me, if there's anything I know, it's about workout recovery. I know so much because for years...I didn't do it. Any of it. No cool downs, warm ups, prep work, rolling, icing, nada. I've seen … [Read more...]

May the Force Be With You

sups by Noodles and Beef

For the fourth installment of my Motivation Series I want to recommend using drugs -- pre-workout supplements. We all have had good days and bad days in the gym.  Have you ever wished there was a pre-workout supplement that could assure all of your workouts were awesome?  Well I … [Read more...]