Food Prep for Macro Counters


In my 12+ year quest for the ultimate nutrition plan, I realized... there is no set "ultimate" nutrition plan that works for everyone. Some people really enjoy ketogenic diets, some love Paleo nutrition, some advocate for the Zone block program, and some--like me--really … [Read more...]

Are You a Female Strength Athlete? Are You Judged and Disrespected for It?


Professional strongwoman, Tracy Stankavage, and strongman Coach, Quint Zambon, discuss the issues facing women in the world of strongman and strength training. This has been an article I have wanted to post for a myriad of reasons. But mostly to bring to light the difficulty … [Read more...]

Get to know Powerlifting!


Guest post by Annie Brees One of our Strong Figure Ambassadors, Annie Brees, is one of our many powerlifters we have on hand here at SF. Here, Annie gives us a run-down on some of the most common questions that arise about powerlifting, meets, terminology; and she even gives us … [Read more...]

The Road to the CrossFit Games…


Begins with "The Open." Co-written with Athlete Ambassador, Tori Ruckman. (In italics)  My first experience with the CrossFit Games was last year's 2013 Open. I thought it was a learning experience: I hit PRs, discovered weaknesses, took my first ice bath, cried a lot, … [Read more...]