HIIT: Fat Loss Workout

2012-10-20 11.37.31

HIIT Workouts (high intensity interval training) are one of the main keys to fat loss and preserving muscle while trying to lean out. HIIT is meant to be tough and the workouts are designed to leave you feeling exhausted, tanked, run over, you name it. If you push yourself … [Read more...]

Medicine Ball Explosion

by CrossFit Fever

I call this the "Med Ball Explosion" because you complete the entire workout with the medicine ball in hand (expect when you're throwing it). If you don't have access to a medicine ball, you can use a 20-45 pound kettlebell or dumbbell. (Please don't throw these; I'll point out … [Read more...]

30 Minute Kettlebell Routine


After a ten minute warm up that includes stretches, jogging, running, etc., complete five 5-minute kettlebell drills with a minute rest in between. Round 1: 5 minutes of American swings. About every 30-45 seconds, drop down and perform two burpees. Rest for one … [Read more...]