Cut Like a Powerlifter: Update 1

Boring or exciting? I'm not a big chicken
Boring or exciting? I’m not a big chicken or broccoli

If you missed my intro to Cutting like a Powerlifter, make sure you check it out before reading further!

I told you about my new experiment, why I’m experimenting, and what I’m hoping will happen.

I finished off day two, again, with about 1200 calories and this time, more from lean protein and veggies and not so much from peanut butter. :/ I’m not quite sure that peanut butter is in the original plan of weight-cutting, but I feel like at the end of the day, when I just NEED something, a spoonful of PB goes a heck of a long way for me! I guess we’ll see what happens when we get closer to the final few days…

Day 3: Wednesday July 30, 2014: AM I TIRED? 

This morning I felt like I had zero energy after teaching bootcamp. Granted, I hardly had any caffeine so far. I typically do a small workout at this time of day but tried a few power cleans and then said, “Screw this. I’m going home.” I played Bubble Witch Saga on my phone instead. :/

At work I felt fine…I  really think I just needed my caffeine. And typically I’ll take a mega dose before any workout.

My food is still the same. 1200 calories, turkey, veggies, sweet potatoes, and a spoonful of PB at the end of the day. So far I feel fine and I don’t feel puffy or bloated or muffin-top-ish. Which is how I always feel when I eat poorly. I like not feeling bloated. :)

Day 4: Thursday July 30, 2014: BITCHY DAY

I HATE explaining to people why I’m doing this. Or why it matters. Or why it doesn’t. Or why I’m not “going out” this weekend or why I’m not eating a freezy pop with everyone else. I HATE EXPLAINING MYSELF. Except on here. You guys get me. <3

I didn’t do well with my food yesterday. I ended up making yesterday an “off day” from the gym, ate around 600 calories in lean protein, veggies, and sweet potatoes, and then I might have had another 5-600 calories in peanut butter.

I did drink all my water though and stayed in my calorie limit. I never really felt hungry either. Oh, except once, and so I had a diet Coke. I’m not sure that’s ok in the plan. :/

Cauliflower and egg whites snack. And a Diet Coke that I did NOT share with a friend.
Cauliflower and egg whites snack. And a Diet Coke that I did NOT share with a friend.

I’m not sure I’m meant to “cut weight.”
I actually do not mind one bit the uber clean eating and drinking a gallon of water every day. Honestly, it’s how we should all be eating (minus the maybe-too-much-peanut butter) and it’s helping me see that I can make small changes to eat cleaner during the week and maybe reserve that new fave beer of mine JUST for after a heavy Saturday lift session.  So I am getting good things out of this. But eating my ground turkey and green beans just now…all I wanted was to douse it in mustard and sprinkle a shit-ton (favorite adjective) of Montreal Steak Seasoning all over it. But that’s too much sodium for a cut right? I think I’d just rather eat clean for life and have my mustard instead of this whole cut thing. BUT I promised I’d give it a go and see what happens…

A couple cool things so far:

  • It’s only the fourth day and I feel leaner and I feel like my clothes are fitting a bit more normally again. I know I’m probably the only person who can tell, but you know how you know your body better than anyone. I can tell. I had Erik weigh me and he said I’ve dropped “almost a pound.” I feel like it’s  more but hey, he weighed me after my workout and after I chugged a protein shake. Regardless, 4 days in and on 1200 clean calories–I feel like I look better.
  • I had a BIG PR in the gym today! I’ve ALWAYS had greater success lifting on a clean diet–regardless of the calorie intake. I think it has to do with lack of inflammation caused by so many other foods I might typically eat. My shoulders felt FABULOUS this morning (rarely said, ever) and I bench pressed 160 pounds! Almost got 165 as well. Almost. I also completed the CrossFit workout with a couple friends–800 meter run, 100 sit-ups, and an 800 meter run. I hate running but that was a good little conditioning workout!
  • COOLEST COMPLEMENT EVER: A bodybuilder contacted me to thank me for being honest in my posts and putting myself out there. She related to similar struggles with metabolic damage and bouncing back from “diets” or cutting, etc. You know, some days, I have no clue who reads this. I know how many “hits” we get but I don’t always know where they’re coming from. Those of you are reading, THANK YOU. And please comment here on the blog or look me up and send a message like this awesome chick did. It really makes my day and keeps me motivated. To hear, “Hey, I struggle with this too; we’re all human,” is sometimes really needed–on both ends.

Honestly, I think the hardest part about this will be getting through the weekend…not having a beer with Erik or enjoying a slice of Benny’s Pizza. (If you haven’t had Benny’s, you haven’t had pizza.) And then trying to consume two gallons of water Monday-Thursday will be soooooo hard. Which, in case you were wondering, is SAFE to do when done THE RIGHT WAY. I really hate dealing with people some days. Or maybe I’m just a hungry grouch.

Day 5: FRIDAY August 1st! 2014: DREADING THE WEEKEND

I don’t want to do this anymore. It doesn’t suck, right now, but I’m dreading the weekend and next week. I want to have a splurge meal tomorrow and a nice cold beer after lifting. I want to eat bacon and cauliflower hash on Sunday morning. Even what I’m eating now is FINE but I really don’t prefer unseasoned, plain food. I at least want to salt-it-up or something!

I know it’s only 7 more days…I’m just being a whiny brat. I guess the good news is that this is really helping me see that maybe I’m the person who prefers a few extra curves and slice of pizza with my post-workout shake instead of a chiseled physique. It’s also letting me see that I can eat much cleaner during the week than I have been recently, and when this is over, I plan on continuing with my super clean eating meals. I’ll have to get used to only treating myself after a good workout on Saturday or Sunday instead of treating myself “every time I have a good workout.” :/ I know that’s one of my issues.

This morning my mom texted me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch next week. I can’t. I’m doing this experiment. I have to eat clean. I can’t splurge til next weekend. I offered up next Saturday or Sunday as a better option so that I can get some Thai or pizza when this is all over. But that’s one of the hardest parts about being “one of those people”…you can’t even go out to lunch with your own mother when she wants. I almost said “screw this–I’ll just have lunch,” …I mean I’m not competing, it’s just an experiment, right? How does everyone else deal with this?!?!

But I’d feel guilty if I caved. Can’t fail, you know? Gotta stick out what you start.

Finished off this jar a little too quickly. Especially since it's not technically in the plan. What will I do when I really need to cut for a meet? PS--that's Atty in the background. Love that cuddle-bug SO much!
Finished off this jar a little too quickly. Especially since it’s not technically in the plan. What will I do when I really need to cut for a meet? PS–that’s Atty in the background. Love that cuddle-bug SO much!

And for the record, I’ve eaten the same thing every single day for 5 days:

  • turkey
  • chicken
  • squash
  • cauliflower
  • green beans
  • protein powder
  • peanut butter

That’s it. Oh and some egg whites yesterday. I think I might have some tuna for a snack later today. Maybe grill some fish tonight. And I’ve been splurging on Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. SO NOT HEALTHY. But it feels like a treat. I have ZERO clue if it hinders the cut process.

One weekend to get through and then the hard part begins…

Friday night dinner: I ditched the chicken and turkey and cooked fish! Grouper to be exact, caught by one of my best friends and Strong Figure Ambassadors, Reagan!
Friday night dinner: I ditched the chicken and turkey and cooked fish! Grouper to be exact, caught by one of my best friends and Strong Figure Ambassadors, Reagan!

Day 8: Monday, August 4th, 2014: WEEKEND IS OVER! I GOT THROUGH IT!

Ok, sure, I thought about having a slice of pizza and a beer…a lot…this weekend. But it really wasn’t hard to keep eating clean! I went to the gym Saturday morning and had a FABULOUS DAY! I did a really cool “strongman” workout and ended up PR’ing my power clean! This is my WORST lift by far, but I had a PR! And if that isn’t exciting enough, when deadlifting, I not only hit 300 pounds for the first time in my life but I hit 305 too!!!! This has been a dream goal of mine.

I think that brings my “Raw” powerlifting total (without any formal powerlifting training) to around 730 pounds. Erik thinks I should compete. Any suggestions from the powerlifters out there??

I also worked on my strict press–still sucks–and completed the CrossFit workout on Saturday which ended being a mile run and 50 pullups (broken up) in which I completed under 14 minutes. NOT TOO BAD for this chick on 1200 calories of chicken, veggies, peanut butter and sweet potatoes!!!!! THIS is PROOF that a good, clean diet works for me. It may not work for everyone else, but it really works for me.

Since I couldn’t splurge with pizza and ice cream after my 20 lb deadlift PR, I bought some almond butter and made a big protein pancake for dinner Saturday night. And Sunday I ate more of the same. All within my calories and every day I’ve managed to get that gallon of water in!!

Protein pancake: One cup egg whites, one scoop Dymatize Iso 100 Cake Batter whey protein. Topped with some goey peanut butter. :D
Protein pancake: One cup egg whites, one scoop Dymatize Iso 100 Cake Batter whey protein. Topped with some goey peanut butter. :D

Today, Monday, I have some squats and bench to work on tonight, TWO freakin’ gallons of water to drink, and food portions to cut down on. :/ I’m already through one gallon…wish me luck on another. (I really hate this part).

I will post another update next week once this experiment is OVER! Stay tuned!!

I WANT TO KNOW so PLEASE comment below: What in the world motivates  you to eat healthy and clean ALL THE TIME in a world full of pizza, cold beer, red wines, ice cream, holidays, celebrations, PRs, heavy lifting, carb-backloading, boyfriends who eat cookies and fruity pebbles…

OR, How do you control your “cheats”? Do you plan every cheat? Are you really good 90% of the time? 95%? Are you one of those people who eats whatever and NEVER has to worry and ALWAYS looks fabulous? (Please don’t comment if so. You will likely piss me off.) ;)



  1. Erik WalkerErik Walker says

    You are so amazing! I wish I had your will power to do this for just an “experiment.”

    And for the record, I think I have eaten ONE box of fruity pebbles in the last year and of course I did it post workout.

    • Stephanie Walker says

      Haha, I know your goals. I just wish that I could eat the same fruity pebbles and get away with it. Granted, if I timed it exactly right maybe I could…they are gluten free….I bet they’d go really well with my cake-batter iso whey….hey, do you still have that box?! ;)

  2. says

    I’m so glad a found your blog!!! I love your personality it really comes through in your posts. I have been Crossfitting for 6 months and feel amaze most days. But I have NOT had body composition changes. :( So I’m conducting my own experiment. First weekend since January with no treats! I’m following Carb Nite, but not going to refeed until day 14 or so. And I’m not going to over consume when I do. I’m motivated to lose weight and body fat before my hubbie and I start a family. It’s motivated me enought to pass up the freebies at work. And there are plenty! I wish you much success!

    • Stephanie Walker says

      Thanks Gia! So glad you stumbled upon us…keep us posted on your success with CrossFit and Carb-Nite…you sound a lot like me–CF + CN tends to be where I find my best results!! GOOD LUCK!!!