Discount and Referral Program for Nutrition Coaching

All Strong Figure Ambassadors  and Team Members who refer a client for nutritional coaching will a receive 10% referral payment. The fee comes from the price that the new client pays and will be paid out every two weeks via Paypal.

All new clients who are referred by either a Strongfigure Ambassador, Team Member, or current client will receive 10% off the chosen coaching package.

All current clients who refer a new client will recieve 10% off the next month’s coaching fees. If more than one client is referred, the client receives a 20% discount on the next month’s coaching fees, and so on.

Any client who refers 5 or more new clients in a 30-day period will receive one month of free coaching.


Current client refers new client. New client chooses the $100 plan; however since being referred by a current client, that price drops 10% to $90. This new client may renew this plan each month for $90. The current client who referred this new client will also receive a 10% discount off his or her next month’s programming. This price will lock in for the remainder of his/her coaching needs. All further referrals will result in a 10% discount on top of this new price.

  • Sara who is on the $100/month plan, refers Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth wants the same plan and gets locked in at $90/month.
  • Sara now gets locked in at $90/month.
  • Sara refers Ben. Sara’s following month of programming costs $81 (10% knocked off $90 for the new referral.) Sara does NOT get locked in at $81. Her prices stays at $90 the next month unless she refers more people.
  • Ben signs up for the $100 plan but gets locked in at $90 because of Sara’s referral.
  • Ben loves the coaching so much that he refers six of his friends to try it out.
  • Ben gets a free month of coaching.

Ambassador Example:

  • Alex (an amazing Strong Figure ambassador) refers Jane for coaching.
  • Jane chooses the $100 plan but only has to pay $90 because Alex referred her.
  • Alex gets a 10% referral payment of $9 (from the $90 paid by Jane.)