Dontaye Scott-Neal

“Fitness starts in your head. You must choose to eat clean, exercise regularly, and treat your body with respect.” (Hasfit)

DontayeHi!! My name is Dontaye and I’m from the great state of North Carolina. I am 28 years old and on my way to compete for the first time ever in bikini and figure competitions for NPC. I am a student, wife to the greatest Marine ever, and work a full-time job.


Needless to say after I graduated from high school, fitness was no longer in my vocabulary or mind at all. Once I got married, my weight took a turn for the biggest and I actually gained over 60 pounds. In November of 2012, I changed myself for the better. When my husband deployed, I decided to seek help and that’s how I found a personal trainer. She helped guide me in the right direction and got me on the most awful meal and workout plan (That is true sarcasm!!). Once I started, I thought I would never make it through this. During my training, I have pursued my own personal training certification through NASM (which I am turning into a business) and I started a group on Facebook called “Dontaye Scott-Neal’s Motivational Fitness” where I wake up every day and give motivational tips to those who were in the same boat as me and wanted to lose weight and get healthy. I also started a blog called “This Girl Lifts” where I share healthy recipes, workouts, and just some of my thoughts on being healthy and the sisterhood of competing. Through this blog I also share tons of pictures on Instagram that showcase my fitness and eating pictures and maybe a little of my personal life….LOL!! Though both are fairly knew, my community is continuing to grow on a daily basis.

After about 5 months, I had completely dropped 40 lbs and gained a lot of muscle. I was looking fabulous. With my hard work and dedication I have motivated so many people around me to get on the healthy track. There is not a day that passes that I don’t get a “Thank you” or “Can you please help me?” My main motivation is to make women and children aware of a healthier lifestyle. We all think it’s hard and we have to give up so much but sometimes it’s just the littlest things or that great motivation that gets us where we need to be. Aside from my strength training for shows, I plan to start a new chapter in the world of CrossFit as well. I have always loved the sport and plan to take my fitness to new levels and hopefully compete one day in the biggest CrossFit games ever.

Being a Strong Figure Ambassador is such a great opportunity to share with the community. Everyone can be a Strong Figure, so showcase your talent!