About Emily

Emily MurrayI’ve always wanted to be an athlete but never thought I “had what it takes.” About a year ago I decided I’d never know unless I tried. I laced up my shoes and started training for a local 5k race. After the 5k, I ran a couple of 10k races, a half marathon and am currently training for a full marathon. Around the time Visit I started running, I also began incorporating strength training into my routine to prevent injuries and strengthen my body. I love attending strength training classes with my co-workers. My favorite classes incorporate kettlebells, bands, and dumbbells for a full body workout. Over the last year I’ve discovered that I love running, my body is stronger than I ever thought and that I run with my heart. Recently I got married to a wonderful man and together we strive to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and encourage others to live healthy, happy lives. I started a blog with the hope of inspiring others the way that I have been inspired. I blog about training, healthy eating, adventures as a newlywed, and my efforts to balance a fit lifestyle with a busy schedule.

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