Essential Workouts to Help Boost Metabolism

Over the past three weeks I’ve written on the topic of how to boost your metabolism, eat more food, build strength, and lose weight. I’ve written so much about the food side of metabolic recovery and very little about the fitness element because, honestly, getting the nutrition down is usually the toughest part. And it’s likely the most important step of correcting a stalled metabolism.

But we can’t forget about exercise. While you’re eating more food in the attempt to burn fat, if your workouts aren’t on point, then a lot of your efforts in the kitchen aren’t going to show you the best aesthetic results that you could be getting. Sure, anyone can “work out” but is there a better way to exercise than what you might be doing? Will one type of cardio yield better results than another? Does it matter how much weight you lift or how many reps?


We need muscle. Muscle burns calories and muscle burns fat. So we really should be lifting weights and building lean muscle. But interval cardio also burns fat and can even build muscle if done correctly. And it can be done quickly. In fact, sometimes the faster (and more intensely) you can perform an interval style workout, the better results you’ll get. No more long hours on the elliptical? Woohoo!!

What does that mean?

The best way to boost your metabolism and get lean is to eat the right amount of food while lifting weights and performing intense interval-based cardio.

High intensity interval based cardio has been proven to burn fat faster and more efficiently (by more than 50%!) than any other type of cardio. Not to mention that it speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Paired with strength training that builds lean muscle? You’ve got a win-win for sure!

In fact, just six minutes of intense interval-based cardio can burn an extra 200 calories per day. Just six minutes!!!

The thing is, a lot people working to correct metabolism issues get freaked out by having to eat more food. Many people want to overcompensate with extra workouts. But if you’re eating the right amount of food and doing the right exercises, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. You just need a good metabolic conditioning workout.

Check this one out that my friend and Strongfigure ambassador, Reagan and I did at the park with Brielle in tow. <3

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes:

  • Odd Minutes: 5 Push-ups, 7 Squats, 9 Mt. Climbers
  • Even Minutes: 10 Box Jumps/Step-ups (or Burpees!) 

As you can see in the video, you can adjust the workout so that any person at any fitness level can do it. You can use any weight you want for the squats or just your body weight. You can perform jumps or step-ups, sub in burpees wherever you want them, even modify so that the push-ups are harder (handstand push-ups anyone?)! You could do this one at home or in the gym if park workouts aren’t your thing…this is designed to give you endless options.

The most important thing is that you work HARD. You push yourself. You make this 20 minute workout the most intense 20 minutes of your day. That’s where you burn the fat. That’s where you boost your metabolism. This is where the magic happens.

Here’s another one for you. Check out this workout Reagan did at home–which would be easy to do anywhere.

3-5 Rounds for Time

  • 10 Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 Alternating Arm Kettlebell Snatches
  • 10 Kettlebell Half Get-Ups
    • Beginners complete 3 rounds and sub push press (or push-ups) for snatches

Again, if you’re newer to this style of training start with three rounds. If you’re experienced with this, go for five. Heck, throw in a barbell for barbell snatches if you really want to intensify. There are no limits to how you scale the workout–only limits to your own intensity. And if you work to find that limit, you’ll quickly start seeing those results you’ve been after.

You may already be in the gym lifting some weights to build lean muscle muscle mass. But if fat loss is your main goal, you also need these short bursts of interval cardio because THAT’s where you’re going to see the biggest difference in your appearance. Especially if you’re a woman, who gains fat easily and has a hard time with losing fat. These intervals are key.

That’s why I created 365 of these interval workouts.

My newest project, 365 MetCons, is available in .PDF form right now (I am finishing up the edits this week!) and it’s currently FREE for anyone who pre-orders our new book, REVAMP Your Health, which is available on Kindle right now.

The physical copy will be available on Amazon on cyber Monday, November 27th. (This is also my husband's birthday, so it would be an awesome present if everyone bought the book on this day--wink wink.)
The physical copy will be available on Amazon on cyber Monday, November 27th. (This is also my husband’s birthday, so it would be an awesome present if everyone bought the book on this day–wink wink.)

I wrote REVAMP in order help people who are struggling to make a change in their lives, may be stuck in a rut, or struggling to find confidence within themselves so that they can accomplish their goals. You can actually read more about the pre-sale and the book on my new health coaching website, Blue River Health and Wellness.

And as a really cool bonus, Reagan is currently working on making videos to go along with these metabolic conditioning workouts. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel so that you get notified every time she creates a video!

It’s not easy, but you’re worth it. 

Sometimes people in the fitness industry make things sound easy: just eat the right food and workout intensely and you’ll be fit in no time. But I know it’s hard–I’m not saying it’s easy. The workouts I created are tough but they’re tough for a reason. And my newest book, REVAMP Your Health, isn’t just a quick and easy fix, either. It’s inspiring and motivational, meant to boost your confidence and give you tips to help you live your healthiest life yet, but it’s going to be up to YOU to make the choice to change and implement what you learn.

Please check out my info pages on REVAMP and 365 Metcons. And if these aren’t the right fit for you, fill out this form below so that I can help you figure out exactly what it is you need to make the changes you want in your life.

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