#FightCancer Wall

We at Strong Figure are constantly doing whatever we can to support the fight against cancer–all types–and even when we can’t win, we won’t let those who lost be forgotten. And if you or someone you know is struggling with the fight, that struggle is never to be taken alone! If you have lost a loved one, if you are fighting, if a loved one is battling against the odds, if someone knows what it is to fight–to truly be a strong figure–let us know so that we can honor him or her here.

The Strong Figure Wall:

All names have been provided by Strong Figure Ambassadors, Readers, Followers, and Fans.

In memory, Jean Moray Bandy
In honor, Alice Bayse
In memory, Donald Barker
In honor, Becky Frame
In memory, Avrie Gramlich
In memory, Amira Juma
In memory, Mary Doug McDonald
In memory, Martha Moretz
In honor, Erin Moretz
In memory, Jean Picton
In honor, Betty Jo Robinson
In memory, Annie Segrest (Grannie Annie)
In memory, Elaine Wilson
In honor, Luther Wimer
In honor, Sharon Wimer
In memory, Ron Wimer
In memory, Virginia Wimer
In memory, “Mr. B, Mrs. C, Mr. B, and Mr. M”
In memory, Harry Murphy
In memory, Elizabeth Murphy

Contribute to the wall: 

Any donation to Barbell for Boobs (donate here :)) OR purchase our #FightCancer T-Shirt and we will add a name to our wall. Help us Fight this horrible disease!