Get Stronger and Burn Fat (a 6 Week Workout Plan and more)

Before you skim this piece and miss it, take note: there are free workouts to download in this post, and there’s a Strongfigure apparel order at the end that you cannot miss out on!!

Get Stronger and Burn Fat.

Most people come to Strongfigure with two main goals: to get stronger and burn fat. And who wouldn’t want to accomplish both of these goals? Personally, it’s always been a goal of mine as well: see how strong I can be while eating as much as I can get away with and stay somewhat lean in the meantime–ha!

These goals are hard for most people. Especially as you age or if genetics are against you, or even if you have limiting factors like injuries, metabolic damage from previous dieting, or a crazy busy work-home schedule that doesn’t allow you much gym or prep-time.

Like many of us, I’ve always had to work hard to reach my goals and I appreciate the struggle. That’s also why I really enjoy helping others. And because I know what it’s like to need motivation, I wanted to provide you with some materials to get you pumped for spring!

Here is a 6 Week Metabolism Boosting Workout Plan (click to download) that helps build strength and lean muscle. Did you know that the stronger you are and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn daily, and the more you can also EAT?! (Isn’t that the best part?!)

To burn fat, not only does having a lot of lean muscle help us–because we’re burning so many more calories per day (studies have shown anywhere from 50+ extra calories per day per pound of muscle) — but performing HIIT cardio (high intensity interval training) activates the cellular function of stubborn fat. That means, the more intense you can perform your cardio, the faster your ability to burn fat–especially in the stubborn areas.

5 HIIT WORKOUTS for FAT BURNING (click to download)

A note on performing HIIT: longer doesn’t mean better. I always say to people that if you can do HIIT for more than 20 minutes, you’re not working hard enough. Your intervals shouldn’t really last longer than a minute at a time. Personally, I’m a fan of tabatas (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest) or intervals such as 45:15, 30:30, even 30:60 (work to rest ratio).

Just six minutes of HIIT can add an additional 200 calorie-burn to your metabolism. Try doing 3-4 of these HIIT sessions per week and if you love them, I actually have a book on Amazon called 365 Metcons. Yup, 365 different HIIT workouts. Check it out when you’re looking to add a little extra cardio conditioning to your training. 

HIIT on your own schedule. 

My 365 Metcons book is perfect for working out at home or in the gym. But if you’re pressed for time, you want someone to tell you exactly what to do each day — including warm ups, rest days, and stretching advice, check out my monthly workout programming! It’s designed to be done at home, but you can easily do it in a gym as well. You’ll need a kettlebell, a jump rope, a resistance band or two, and a slam ball. Time to build that home gym you’ve always wanted!

Don’t forget to EAT!

If you start adding extra workouts to your training, or you change your training to incorporate heavier weights, or even if you’re a beginner tackling exercise for the first time, do NOT make this rookie mistake that is made WAY TOO OFTEN:


Eat more when exercising more. The biggest culprit to getting a stalled/slowed metabolism and actually gaining weight (especially stubborn fat — think belly and hips for women and love handles for men) is by exercising more and eating less. Either continue to eat what you’re eating or even add some more food to your plan, but don’t sacrifice food because you think you’re going to lose more weight faster. You’ll likely lose muscle, some fat, slow your metabolism and BMR, and ultimately plateau which means a long struggle to overcome.

If nutrition is stressful to you and you want some help, I would be more than happy to help. I’ve got a few coaches on hand (including myself) and we can do anything from calculate macros for you to monthly nutrition coaching, to even working with you one on one with you for several weeks to teach you about food, fuel, and metabolic re-boosts! If you’re interested in that, check out our coaching page at

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