Guest Post Guidelines

We are excited that you are interested in guest posting for Strong Figure. Before spending too much time writing a guest post that we will not accept, please read our Manifesto here and make sure your post is consistent with this message.

Here are some additional guidelines that guest posters will need to follow:

  • We are first and foremost a website dedicated to helping our readers. We will only accept useful content that clearly benefits our readers.
  • Write well. We can clean up grammatical issues but please be interesting. Make sure to use examples and anecdotes to clarify your points.
  • Offer fresh content that has not been published before.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • No freelancers or staff-writers, please. We feel you should be representing your name as much as you are representing our name.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM. Guest posting is great for having your voice heard, but this is not an infomercial site. We will also not accept guest posters who have pushed out spam-like content in the past. Furthermore, we will not link to any site that is spammy.
  • Each guest post may include one outside link and it cannot link to spam. If you choose to include this one outside link, please make sure it only links to quality content or to the guest poster’s reputable site.
  • We prefer bloggers to have a great track record of producing quality content.
  • Your content needs to help build and support our community.
  • If your post does not follow these guidelines, you may not receive a response from us.

In addition to the above guidelines, here are some additional considerations that will help your post to be accepted.

  1. Choose a non-deceptive title that is interesting and makes readers want to click on your title. (Note: we may decide to change your headline to better fit this request.)
  2. Use captivating photography within your posts. All photographs must be owned by the content guest writer or attributed with permission from artist. If you need help finding good quality photos here are some good stock options:
  3. Use active voice in your writing–not passive voice. “The apple was eaten by the nutritionist” is a passive and incredibly boring sentence. “The nutritionist ate the apple” is an active sentence. Subject+Verb+Object=great sentence.
  4. Periods and commas go INSIDE quotation marks. “Thanks for writing for us,” said Steph. OR, Steph said, “Thanks for writing for us.”
  5. Use ONE space between sentences, not two.
  6. Please send us all copy via google docs OR microsoft word. Attach your images separately so that they are easily downloadable to our computers. You may point out within your copy where the images need to be placed. If you place images within your copy and then send us your article, we will either ask you to resend your images separately OR we may not use your piece.
  7. Include a personal bio for your piece and a photo of yourself. A headshot is fine, a shot of you working out is fine, but please, no selfies. (Yes, it has happened.) At least send a photo that looks semi-professional, please.

If you can agree to follow these guidelines and write to educate and inform our audience, please fill out the following form:

We will contact you once reviewing the information on the form and let you know if we think you will be a good fit for our audience! Thank you for your future contribution!