At Strong Figure, we believe in strong, healthy bodies and minds, fighting chronic diseases that are plaguing our societies, and building a community of like-minded people who value an education within the topics of health, nutrition, fitness, and what it means to be STRONG–on the inside and out.

We believe…

We should all work hard and push limits–not just in the weight room, but in life. Educate others on what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle. Show society how strong is healthy and health is beauty. Fight disease and push until there is a cure. No matter what you’re facing in life, always work harder and always push your own boundaries.

Give thanks to those you love and be thankful for your abilities, your passion, and your dedication. Take care of yourself and never take your health for granted. Be grateful.

Follow your dreams–whatever they may be–and surround yourself with the people who support you and believe in your success.

Stay positive, have faith, and embrace change. Your future will endure because you have set yourself up for happiness and success.

Read more–read anything that educates you, inspires you, or helps you get lost in a make-believe world.

Eat well. If you want to live longer and fight disease, eat your veggies…and your protein and your good fats. Eat whole foods as much as possible, a glass of red every now and then, and a cupcake when you need one.

Train hard and sweat it out! We all work hard at Strong Figure–whether we powerlift, bodybuild, run or do crossfit, etc. And if you don’t know what to do, that’s ok! That’s why we made this site.

Stay strong and then never give up. Physically strong is wonderful–but emotionally strong? Work to better yourself, be confident, and love who you are. Never stop searching for inner peace.

Choose well….in all that you do. Set realistic goals and make decisions that will help you accomplish all that you want to do in life. Pick the right friends who support you and the partner who not only believes in you, but the one who looks at you as if you are a gift. Because that’s exactly what you are–a gift. Choose your own wisely.

Take risks and inspire others. Find what you love in life and attack it with fury. Don’t stop until you are happy and your motivation will inspire all who know you.

This is what I, Steph, want to accomplish in life, and what we here, at Strong Figure wish to bring you. We want to motivate and inspire you, help you become stronger–inside and out–and encourage you to work harder and push limits. We hope you read more, eat better, and train harder than yesterday. We are eager for you to take new risks and follow your dreams, and we are here to help in any way that we can.

That’s our Manifesto, our wish for you, and our goals for a successful, strong, life.

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