Meet Holly


My name is Holly Spicer, and I’m a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist. I have clients from all walks of life, and all stages from teen up to senior, but my forte is pre/post natal fitness and nutrition, sports specific training and bodybuilding. 

I live a very active lifestyle, which is very easy to have on the rocky coast of Maine where I live with my husband and lovable dog, Dunkin (the Kayaking dog). I’m always on the go hiking, kayaking, running, lifting, yoga, training, snowboarding and participating in the adult sport leagues in my area. The only thing that might rival my love for fitness and working out is my love for soccer. 

My sports background is a long one and all started with soccer when I was as tall as a yard stick. All through school, I was a runner, soccer player, basketballer, softballer and in high school I discovered and fell in love with lacrosse. The transition to the gym post high-school was a natural one, and it was there that I really got bit by the “muscle” bug. 

After having trained three clients for bodybuilding competitions, I made the decision to start training for my own this fall. However, life stepped in and I’m expecting my first child early next year, but that doesn’t stop me from my dream of getting to compete. 

I have been strength training and eating clean for over a decade now. I have run marathons and half-marathons, competed in Tough Mudders, and competed in lake races in my kayak. I’ve been following the bodybuilding circuit since probably a few short days after I set foot in a gym over 10 years ago. I got the chance to meet one of my biggest idols, Mike O’Hearn at a bodybuilding competition this past fall. My biggest inspirations on my journey have been Jessie Hilgenberg, Dana Lynn Bailey and Nicole Wilkins. 

I have my BS in human nutrition and two years ago I was finally able to head back to school to become a certified personal trainer. My approach for my clients is to show that that even if you’ve got a full time, super busy schedule, a mom (working or not working, we all know how busy moms are!), etc… being healthy and fit IS attainable no matter what your schedule (or budget) is. 

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