Meet Jessica

Jessica D7


When I was young, I was overweight and not very athletic. While I was in high school, I took up power lifting and I got into shape I went on to win the state competition 5 times, I’ve gone to women’s Nationals 4 times, and I came in second at women’s Nationals 4 times.  When I got  out of high school I found Strongman and it has made me a better lifter, I’ve gone to 3 Strongman competitions and came in 3rd and 2nd.  I went to Denmark for world bench and I came in 5th place. I have lost about 90 pounds since I was in high school and I’m still losing weight get into better shape, my goal is to be the strongest woman and hopefully, in a couple years they will make pro cards for women. I also hope to have my own gym in a couple years, and to be a personal trainer.

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