Meet Jessica

My name is Jessica Williams…and the last several years have been a journey.  My journey started about 5 years ago when I realized that I had a problem with my body because I was crawling up my stairs as a result of pain in my hips that was just too intense.  I lived with this pain for 2 years and also experienced it during all three of my pregnancies.  I had months of physical therapy to help with my hips and worked hard because I really had two options…1) I do the work and get better.  Maybe have a day without pain in about a year.  2)  Get both of my hips replaced.  I was in my young 30’s and I truly didn’t think option #2 was something I should consider so I worked, and I worked hard.
JessicaW3Since that day of crawling I have lost about 80 pounds.  I was a gym newbie but I researched, I watched, learned, asked and tried new things.  I had moments where I was scared to death of the metal item in the gym and thought that that bars people were lifting were just not necessary…until I tried it myself.  Today my favorite things are deadlifts, push presses and just continuing to push myself.  Pain is still a factor some days but I know that is an indication that I need to take a glimpse at how and what I’m doing in my life and keep on working on strength training.
Today my life revolves around my family and getting up early (before the sun) to teach fitness classes at two gyms in Rochester, MN.  Group strength training, indoor cycling, kettlebells and working with the LiveSTRONG program with the Y is my job and it is amazing.  I also work with women one-on-one and help them realize that they are confident and strong individuals who can lift heavy weights.  I also write a blog with 3 other moms that are trying to figure out this life and provide a healthy world for us and our families.  You can find that
I’m excited to be part of Strong Figure!  To find out more about me or follow along to my stories, tips, recipes and workouts, check out the links below:
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