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FB_IMG_1422417172727To start off my name is Kelli Warner. Growing up was rough for me because I had hypothyroidism. Most people have no clue what that is so I will explain. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland does not produce enough chemicals called hormones. The side effects of this are depression, tiredness, muscle aches, sensitive to cold, and of course the best one weight gain. I was always a bigger kid but didn’t know why; my mom took me to the hospital countless times until when I was 7 they diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. There is nothing worse than being bullied and picked on because you are overweight. My childhood was horrible. I was confused, depressed, and a bunch of other emotions. There was a point when I was about 11 that I just stopped eating, I didn’t want to gain anymore weight. I dropped down to about 80 pounds. I stayed at that weight for almost a year until one day I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was caved in my skin was purplish and not healthy at all. So I kept taking my medication and I started doing some cardio and eating healthier and I gained some of the weight back.

Eventually when I hit puberty my weight went back up right when I started high school. I was not popular by any means. I was more in my own corner and would get picked on in high school as well. After high school I was slowly trying to get more into working out, but all I would do was cardio nothing more and maybe 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day. I did not eat healthy whatsoever though. I had no energy no drive to do anything. All I wanted to ever do was sleep and eat. I never thought I would be able to be fit and healthy in a million years. Then one day I was getting dressed and noticed my pants that fit me three weeks ago no longer fit me. That’s when I had a reality check. I need to change myself. God gave me one body to live in for the rest of my life and I am not taking care of it.

I started doing insanity. I saw some changes and I dropped some weight. I started eating healthier but not to the extreme. But this time I didn’t give up — I wanted more. This is when I started lifting, doing squats, dead lifts, etc. I also started eating way healthier. So let’s jump to today. From that time to now I lost about 50 pounds. I read all the labels and I make sure I know what I am eating before I eat it. I work out 5-6 days a week and I mostly do circuit training, which I love. I am in love with lifting. I didn’t think I could be healthy nor be fit like I am but here I am today smiling ear to ear because it makes me so happy. All I want to do in life is to show and tell people that if you put your mind to something and put in work and dedication that it can be done. I had no one to help me along the way which I wish I did. But I want to be that person that people wish they had helping them along the way.PicsArt_1419398143837

I grew up to never judge people. You never know what they are going through in life. So help people, motivate people. And always keep a smile on your face and have that smile rub off on those around you. I have a purpose in life and it is to help people and bring a positive impact to those around me.

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