Meet Kelsey

image (2)“My name is Kelsey. First and foremost, I identify myself as a 5 year firefighter. Secondly, I am a Pro Figure competitor in the sport of bodybuilding. I still can’t believe when I say these things I am talking about myself! You see, I have always been goal oriented. Driven to succeeded, almost to a point where I am consumed by whatever I am trying to achieve.
A little over 6 years ago, I applied as a firefighter. With the odds stacked against a skinny string bean girl, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Help others. I know I know, sounds cliche, right? So I applied for the department, researched the physical ability test, and never looked back. Day by day waiting for the call to come in for an interview, I would carry a backpack full of bricks around everywhere I went–trying to simulate an air pack.
Fast forward 3 years, I was on the department, fulfilling my dream. But wanted to be able to prove how dedicated I really was to fitness…on and off the job! I researched bodybuilding completions, found one, and 12 weeks later competed in my first show. I am very competitive, I love to win! I didn’t bring home any trophies that time, but I had beaten myself and with the help of my trainer I had molded my body into something I had only dreamed of.image
Fast forward 3 more years to the present (man, time flies!). I was the first female on my Fire Department to be assigned to a Technical Rescue truck. I am certified in high angle rescue, trench collapse rescue, confined space rescue, and swift water rescue. I have my personal training certification so I can help others. And in the past year I competed two times in the sport that I love. The first show I received 1st place in the novice figure category, and 3rd place in the open figure category. Four weeks later, I competed again and received first place and my PRO CARD!! My goal from the beginning. Something I can say “Yeah, I worked my butt off for that!”
I guess with all this rambling what I’m trying to say is: Dreams come true with perseverance and dedication. Was it easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely. The ups and downs, the positive reinforcement and the negative comments from those who don’t understand. I wouldn’t change a thing about it because here I am–grinning from ear to ear. Why? Because progress is perfection.image (1)
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