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Kristin2I am an almost 40-year-old mother, wife, and I work full-time.  Our son, Cole, is 16 years old.  I have been married to my husband Todd for almost nine years.  We have two dogs and a cat.  Charlie is a black lab and he is about 10 or 11 years old.  Mia is almost two.  She is a blue Chihuahua and she is precious.  She is my baby girl.  Our cat about 9 or 10 and we call him El Gato.

I started my fitness journey about three years ago.  I didn’t do it because I was overweight or un-healthy; I did it because I am getting old.  I wanted to learn how to take care of myself.  I started out by just walking and going to the gym.  Then I decided I wanted to start running.  My sister, who is a runner, told me to start with the couch-to-5k. I did this, then I hurt my knee.  I didn’t need surgery or anything but I stopped doing any exercise for a while.  Then about six months later my husband suggested I get back in the gym.  Not because I was looking bad or anything, but because he knew I enjoyed working out.  I had to start my training over because I had decided to do the Tulsa Run (5k) with my father.  I completed the race and I was hooked on running and working out.  I have done six races since that first race.  I am planning on doing several more.

My sister and my dad have been big influences on my running.  My dad has done several half marathons and he has done the Chicago Marathon.  My sister has done two half marathons.  I was on her marathon relay team for the Route 66 Marathon.  I was honored that she asked me to be on the team.

Todd is very supportive of me and my journey.  He makes dinner every night and tells me “you need to go to the gym.”  He knows how much I enjoy doing it and how it makes me feel.

Once I started to really get into running I decided to start my own blog.  The people around me daily don’t really need to hear about my training or what I am eating–they already know! So I now have a blog for anyone else who wants to follow.

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