Meet Montana


My name is Montana and I’m a 28 year old runner and obstacle course racer! I was never really active- my family wasn’t the most health conscious group. Although I played high school sports, all those things stopped when I went to college in favor of a more ‘fun’ lifestyle. I didn’t become active again until December 2013. I read a blog started by my friend Krystal who was training for her first half marathon and I found it totally inspiring! I decided there was no reason I couldn’t become a runner and a healthier person too.

Montana1I started the C25K program and a month later I completed the Color Run with a bunch of friends. It was the experience that led me to LOVE running! From there, I participated in 2 timed 5k races, and then joined a few friends on my first OCR in April 2014. From that moment on, I was hooked! I loved the challenge and teamwork associated with obstacle racing, which led me to start my blog, Pretty Lil’ Mudder.

Since then, I’ve participated in numerous 5k mud runs, a 10k and a 10 mile race at Disney! I’m currently training for the Tough Mudder in November, my first Spartan race next February, as well as my first half marathon! You could say I’ve been ‘bit’ by the running bug. The sense of accomplishment I get from finishing these events is amazing, but what’s more amazing to me is doing them with friends and family by my side. Since I started OCR’s, I’ve gotten groups of friends together to participate in them with me. It feels so good to motivate others to participate in a sport that I love! I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing program and look forward to continue to (hopefully) inspire others to run and compete in OCR’s as well!

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