Meet Sophie

My name is Sophie Lane and I am a Specialist Sport and Dance Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. I work with performers, dancers, circus performers and acrobats within the theatre in London and on tour. I have worked with shows including Wicked, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dirty Dancing, The Lion King and Strictly Come Dancing UK ’14. I assess and treat performers and create rehabilitation programs including return to show post injury.
Sophie2I have always been active and played many sports growing up, anything from lacrosse to gymnastics. At the end of 2012 I found myself lying in bed thinking “what’s my next challenge, what will push me, and what will I find super hard?” My answer? A marathon. So I applied for the London Marathon and before I knew it, I had a place. Now I have always been into my team sports, and the furthest I had run prior to the marathon was about 5km for a warm up. The training was hard and a real challenge, but I did it! I completed the 2013 London Marathon. My full story of training is on my blog:
After the marathon, my training took a change. A big reason for this is because I felt my body change and become weak in areas that it shouldn’t be. I began weight training, and spending time focusing on functional training. The cardio component of my training went from pounding the streets for hours, to get my miles in to quick High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at altitude (@AltitudeCentre). I felt strong and I loved it, however I wanted to gain more results, and drop my body fat %. I spoke to various colleagues and WBFF competitors and they all asked me about my nutrition. I had always thought my nutrition was pretty good, but never thought too much about it, or pre planned my meals. I started to make small changes, such as cooking with coconut oil and having 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day based on single ingredient foods. That was it–soon it made sense and the figures of 80% nutrition and 20% training fell into place.
SophieAll was falling into place and I was enjoying experimenting with recipes and of course enjoying the occasional bar of
chocolate like we all do! I felt strong, alert, healthy and fit. In February 2014 I went on a fantastic skiing trip and hurt my knee, surgery was booked and in April I had knee reconstructive surgery. Ouch. My training took a backseat to rehab and since then I have been focusing on rebuilding my strength and balance. The injury has given me time to assess what my goals and aims are.
I am passionate about health and fitness, and so excited to be part of the Strong Figure Team. I currently weight train 3 times a week, take a yoga/pilates class twice a week and try to maintain an active and happy lifestyle.
Twitter: @sophie_physio
Instagram: @Sophie1558