Meet Zachariah


Hello, my name is Zachariah Hayes.  I am 20 years old and a native of Amelia, VA.   I am currently a student at Longwood University in Prince Edward, VA studying Exercise Science with the intent of becoming a personal trainer/ Strength and Conditioning coach. In high school, I began getting involved in athletic activities and developing a hunger for getting stronger, as well as helping other people get to where they wanted to be.  I was involved in football, wrestling, basketball, and track throughout high school. These sports helped me understand how to better condition the body during workouts. Playing sports in high school made me appreciate the value of becoming stronger, faster, and more conditioned.  This helped me get to where I am now.Zachariah


Currently, my goal is to become stronger while still being able to maintain myself at a certain weight, and so far, I have progressed greatly from where I started. Lifting is something that I love to do, and seeing other people reach their fitness goals drives me to learn more about fitness every day.